Nomads in Paradise

Nov. 10 - 17, 2024

Nomad Conference in Siargao, a small Surfer Island in the Philippines! 

Connect, Share, Make Friends and Have Fun!

Organized by:
Partner / BayBayin Hub
Partners & Sponsors

Who is it for?

  • Business owners
  • Remote Workers
  • Freelancers
  • Future Nomads
  • People interested in Networking with like-minded people

Nomads in Paradise is designed for nomads, entrepreneurs, business owners, remote workers, freelancers - everyone who lives or wants to live a "Nomad Life". We focus on providing a platform to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, learn how to grow your business or personal skills. 

Everyone is welcome!

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What will you learn?

A wide range of international speakers and experts in their field will share their knoledge and experience with you.

You will not only be able to listen to their talks and keynotes, but you will also be able to meet speakers at casual networking events or at the bar or club in the evening. Everyone is there to share, grow and make new connections! People will most likely share information with you for free they would usually charge hundreds or thousands of Dollars for it!

The topics of the talks, keynotes and workshops will focus on the following:

  1. How to start a (remote) business?
  2.  How to scale your business?
  3.  How to find remote jobs?
  4.  Investments (Real Estate, Crypto, Stocks, etc...)
  5. How to become the best version of yourself?
  6. And many more!

You are a speaker and want to share about a topic you are passionate during Nomads in Paradise? Apply now as a Speaker!

Speaker NIP

Event Highlights:

Timea Keynote Speaker (1)








Ice Bath

Ice Bath

Siargao Island Hopping Drone

Island Hopping

Party Siargao

Beach Party

Surfing Lesson


Why should you attend Nomads in Paradise?

  1. Learn The Secrets To Success: Various successful entrepreneurs will share their experiences and strategies for success through daily Keynote Speeches, Talks, and Workshops!
  2. Opportunities and Business Collaboration: Participate in dynamic business success sessions where you can share ideas and collaborate on projects.
  3. Bond Over Fitness: Stay active and fit with daily activities including, Yoga, Breath work, HIIT and Ice Bath sessions.
  4. Form Deep & Lasting Connections: Engage in rapid and guided networking rounds to quickly connect with other Travelers, Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads.
  5. Expand Your Skill Set: Participate in hands-on workshops and masterclasses designed to enhance your digital skills, from coding to content creation, led by industry experts.
  6. Community Building: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for travel and entrepreneurship, creating a supportive network that lasts beyond the conference. 
  7. Have fun with like-minded people: Nomads in Paradise is set up with three main pillars: You will learn, connect, and most importantly, have fun! We will organize parties, dinners, and Island Hopping so that you can network and make new friends while having the time of your life! And yes, the speakers will also join the activities! 

Inclusions & Activities

What´s included?

  • Welcome Party
  • Keynote speeches from a wide range of entrepreneurs
  • Workshops & Masterminds
  • Multiple Networking Sessions
  • Unconference - Sessions
  • Island Hoping Day Trip (Includes Buffet Food, Water and RUM!)
  • 1h Small Group Surfing Lesson
  • Group Yoga Sessions
  • Ice Bath - 1x Discovery Session
  • Free time for coworking and other activities
  • Farewell and Closing Party

What´s not included?

  • Flights to Siargao (We recommend arriving a few days earlier and staying a few days extra afterwards.)
  • Accommodation in Siargao (We recommend staying in General Luna, Cloud 9 or Catangnan)
  • Travel insurance / Visa

Make Sure You Bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bathing Suit
  • A Raincoat
  • A Notepad
  • Good mood :-) 


Nomads in Paradise

Orly started to organize Nomad Events back in 2019 - shortly before the Pandemic hit. In 2023, he gathered 50 Nomads, Entrepreneurs, Business owners and freelancers on the beautiful Island of Siargao.

For 2024 he joined forces with Jan, a true nomad, German by nationality, with his Homebase in Siargao, Philippines

For Filipinos, it's difficult to travel and meet people from all over the world as most Nomad Events take place in the western world, where they can’t go without a visa. So we decided, we bring the world to the Philippines! 

Get to know the nation that easily takes the top spot for most friendly people in the world!

Siargao in particular is often called "The New Bali"! So what are you waiting for?  Join us at NIP 2024 and let's have an amazing 7-day Paradise Island Adventure together!

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control whatgoes on inside.”

Our Mission

1. Empowering Filipino Innovators:

Bridging Worlds, Building Futures - Our first mission is to open doors for Filipino entrepreneurs and professionals, who face significant travel barriers, by bringing world-class networking and business opportunities to their doorstep.

We are dedicated to hosting transformative events in the Philippines, connecting locals with international entrepreneurs and nomads. Through these gatherings, we aim to foster learning, friendships, and business innovation, providing the critical exposure and growth opportunities that Filipinos typically miss due to restrictive travel limitations.

2. Promote the Philippines as a Destination for Nomads and Entrepreneurs

We are committed to introducing international nomads and entrepreneurs to the profound kindness, openness, and entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in the Philippines. Renowned for its unique cultural dynamics where female leadership flourishes (48% of all leadership positions are occupied by women - the highest percentage in the entire world) and English proficiency is the norm, the Philippines is an ideal hub for collaboration with virtual assistants and business partners, but also to make lifelong connections.

Join us to explore and engage with a workforce known for its robust work ethic and innovation, while experiencing the Philippines as your next destination for growth and opportunity.

What do people say?

A week of learning, adventure and fun!

The Nomad Workation (now Nomads in Paradise) exceeded my expectations, providing an incredible experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed a week of learning, adventure and fun with diverse individuals and the beauty of nature. Connecting with like-minded people from Japan, Germany, Australia, the U.K., Israel, and the wonderful Filipino locals have made this journey truly special. Baybayin Hub Nomad Workation Philippines has been an amazing host, and I am eager to return and participate in this fantastic event again next year

Timea Pintye

Muay Thai CHampion & Business Owner

Timea Pintye

The Nomad Workation Retreat in Siargao was simply amazing. It was a good combination of digital nomads from around the world, learning, networking and having fun together on a paradise-like island of Siargao. Life-time friendships were made and also got some new business opportunities. But what I liked the most was the fact that I could go surfing in between the scheduled activities. Will definitely come next year and recommend it to my friends.


Daniel Beck

Investor & Business Owner


When I got back to Japan after attending the Nomad Workation (Now Nomads in Paradise) in Siargao Island, I embraced and enjoyed the life of a Nomad Worker because I was inspired, and I gained valuable insights from speakers around the world. Akina, a good friend from Japan and one of the speakers, invited me to join, and I'm grateful for her invitation. The Nomad Workation Retreat in Siargao was an unforgettable experience, filled with learning, connecting with people from different corners of the globe, mingling with the local Filipinos, and, of course, indulging in island hopping while enjoying the serene ocean—a perfect way to unwind and relax.

Manami Iwabuchi

Manami Iwabuchi

Remote Worker


It’s been a very nice experience. The 5 days of Nomad Workation (Now Nomads in Paradise) experience is truly remarkable. I was able to attend different activities and do a lot of things that I don't normally do. Here, it is possible to work and take a vacation at the same time. That is something we all wish to experience and here in Nomad Workation I could do that. And one of my favorite take away from all the things we did came from one of the keynote speakers named Timea Pintye “If you cannot defeat fear then do it scared” that made me realize that whatever is your dream or what I like to accomplish can come true.

Shaye Nirza

Shaye Nirza

Virtual Assistant



Make your life a Masterpiece! Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.

With Nomads in Paradise, we want to help you to make your life a masterpiece!

The Speakers

Meet our amazing speakers! In total, we will have 25-30 speakers, who are all super keep on sharing their learnings and their life or business lessons with you! Here you can see the already confirmed speakers for Nomads in Paradise 2024!

Ruth Cremer - Speaker - Nomads in Paradise

Entrepreneurial Education 

Ruth Cremer

The must-knows from 6 years of making businesses shark-proof

About Ruth

Ruth Cremer, with her company Entrepreneurial Education UG, is dedicated to developing learning products for the next generation of entrepreneurs. With nearly a decade of experience working with thousands of startups and holding roles such as an investment manager at a high-tech VC, she is a recognized authority in the field. Ruth is the author of the official book accompanying the renowned TV show “”Shark Tank,”” which achieved Amazon Bestseller status in three categories in April 2022. As a mathematician, she leverages her numerical expertise to assist startups in advancing to the next level and specializes in (pre-)seed startups’ KPIs, financials, and evaluations.


Her talk

Ruth Cremer, entrepreneur, author and long-term consultant of the German „Shark Tank“, shares her most valuable learnings and insides from evaluating over 1000 business models of startups. What is the secret of successful founders? What is a good margin? How to create a successful launch? And what should be avoided at all costs? No matter if you are just starting off or wondering what a real shark would say about your business, this talk will show you some quick and easy, yet very effective approaches you can use to find your own weak spots and identify the next steps. Without complicated frameworks, hours of theory or huge spreadsheets. Just like a shark ;-)

Fiona 2 - Fiona Laidlaw Nomads in Paradise Speaker


Fiona Laidlaw

How To Prepare For The Exit

About Fiona

Fiona, a Senior Advisor in Flippa’s Mergers and Acquisitions team, is dedicated to providing invaluable advisory services. Her expertise lies in guiding online businesses across diverse sectors, including SaaS, Apps, E-commerce, and Content in their acquisition process. With a robust background in technology and a certification as a CM&AA professional, Fiona brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Drawing from her experience of successfully managing her own business, she possesses a profound understanding of entrepreneurship. 
Fiona’s track record includes facilitating the sale of over a hundred businesses. Currently, she specializes in high-value acquisitions exceeding $1M within the APAC region.

Her talk & workshop

Her Talk:

Many business owners do not know how or when to exit and often take advice from friends and family who themselves have never been through an exit. I will speak on what is involved in an exit, how to get the best valuation for the business and the current market state pulled from real time insights.

Her Workshop:

Real case studies of businesses that have sold/have not sold. Common mistakes that people make when they do their valuation and sell their business. Find out what's the value of your business, even if you don't want to sell at the moment.

Le-an Lai Lacaba _ 2xYou -Speaker Nomads in Paradise

Founder at 2xYou

Le-an Lai Lacaba

ChatGPT 101 For Non-Techies 

About Le-an

Le-an Lai Lacaba is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and certified AI Consultant. As the Co-Founder of 2xYou, a multi-awarded outsourcing company, she specializes in empowering entrepreneurs to transition from solopreneurs to business owners with AI, expert executive assistants and custom systems.

Her talk

Think you know how to use ChatGPT/Gemini/Claude etc? Yep, it can be overwhelming. So let's break it down for you on how to keep it simple. In this talk, we'll break down all the ways you can use generative AI tools in the best way possible through the basics of prompt engineering. You don't need a technical background or to have even used an AI tool ever. Let's empower you to use AI to make your life easier.

Marie Tuason Speaker Nomads in Paradise

Retreats & Coliving Founder

Marie Tuason

Being a global entrepreneur with a third world passport

About Marie

Marie is a natural community builder, both online and offline. In the online world, she is the founder and CEO of Gumamela Studios, a full-stack marketing agency helping existing ecom brands grow for generations. Offline, she is a yoga teacher and the founder of Kaya Connections, a retreat and coliving program helping nomads build long-lasting connections through harmonious experiences.

LinkedIn: @marietuason

IG: @marievelous

Her talk

In her talk, Marie will share how she went from being an undervalued third world salary holder to having multiple high value clients. 

You will learn how to:

  • start a business from nothing
  • get people to understand your value
  • use your network to get higher value clients and eventually get paid right.

This session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to design a business lifestyle that allows you to work from anywhere, while building a successful and scalable venture.

Jan Richter -  Speaker Nomads in Paradise

CEO & Founder at EasyDeutsch

Jan Richter

How to create passive income Steams?

About Jan

Jan Richter is the founder and driving force behind EasyDeutsch, a platform dedicated to making German grammar accessible and easy to understand for learners around the world. Jan's journey into teaching German began unexpectedly in 2012 while traveling through Latin America. Initially helping children in Guatemala and friends in Venezuela, he discovered his passion for teaching German. Despite not being a trained teacher and having struggled with grammar himself in school, Jan committed to learning and simplifying German grammar.

In 2014, he established EasyDeutsch to provide clear, straightforward explanations of German grammar, free from the complicated jargon that often confuses learners. His unique "95% Method" focuses on the regular 95% of grammar rules, making learning more efficient and less intimidating for students.

Jan's work has reached thousands globally, with his website attracting over 320,000 visitors per month. He has authored multiple eBooks and continues to develop innovative resources to support German learners. His mission is to prove that German is not inherently difficult, just often taught in an overly complicated way.

His entire business runs on autopilot.

That´s why he has time to run Nomads in Paradise and also teach you how you can set your mind on the way to passive income as well!

IG: @janr_ph

LinkedIn: @janrph

His talk

In this talk, Jan guides you through the journey of creating passive income, emphasizing the shift from relying on active work to achieving financial independence through strategic scaling and outsourcing.

You will see in detail what strategies work for him and you will know what to do next.

By following these strategies, you can move from working for money to having your money work for you, achieving true financial freedom.

Antonette Reyes - Speaker Nomads in Paradise

Filipina Nomad

Antonette Reyes

Fulfilling Social Responsibility as a Nomad

About Antonette

26 year old Filipina Digital Nomad since graduating college. Cum Laude, BA Foreign Service Major in Diplomacy. A mountaineer, C-level VA and digital nomad for 6 years. Lived in Bali for 3 years and traveled to 34 countries while working full-time as a nomad and currently on a mission to be the Youngest Filipina to conquer the Seven Summits


Her talk

Unique chances for digital nomads on how to make a positive impact on the communities and environments they inhabit. This session will delve into the multifaceted aspects of fulfilling social responsibility as a nomad, offering insights and strategies for sustainable and ethical living.

Environmental Stewardship: Learn practical ways to minimize your ecological footprint, support local conservation efforts, and promote sustainability in your nomadic lifestyle.

Supporting the Local Economy: Explore methods to contribute meaningfully to the local economy, from choosing locally-owned businesses to engaging in community projects that foster economic growth and resilience.

Avoiding Modern Colonialism: Discuss the pitfalls of modern colonialism and how to avoid perpetuating harmful dynamics. Emphasize the significance of cultural sensitivity and ethical engagement with host communities.

Addressing Gentrification: Examine the impacts of gentrification and how nomads can prevent contributing to the displacement of local residents. Focus on responsible choices in accommodation and lifestyle that honor the integrity of local neighborhoods.

Joe profile - Joe Fallon - Speaker Nomads in Paradise

Founder at DNA

Joe Fallon

Backpacker to Travel Entrepreneur

About Joe

In 2012, I took a bold leap, leaving the rat race behind to chase my dream of traveling the world and launching my own business. That dream became TruTravels, a vibrant enterprise that grew into a team of over 100 passionate individuals, spanning 25 countries and creating unforgettable adventures for thousands of young adults in paradise.

The journey didn’t stop there. In 2019, after a successful partial sale of TruTravels to a larger operator, I founded Tiki Beach, a blissful beach resort on the stunning island of Koh Phangan. This new venture allowed us to offer even more unique experiences to our travelers.

By 2023, I made a complete exit from TruTravels to embark on an exciting new chapter with my latest venture, DNA. With each step, I continue to follow my passion for travel and entrepreneurship, dedicated to crafting extraordinary experiences around the globe.


His talk

How i followed my passion to create my dream life in paradise...

Tina - Christina Evangelista - Speaker Nomads in Paradise

LEAD Strategist at MOSAIC

Christina Evangelista

The Power of Evolution: Growing Personally and Professionally

About Christina

Christina "Tina" Evangelista is a dedicated growth director and lead strategist at Mosaic, a brand and marketing firm. With a passion for personal and professional evolution, Tina inspires businesses and individuals to unlock their potential. Her background in marketing and business strategy has led to the success of numerous campaigns. Tina's innovative approach and understanding of the digital landscape make her a valuable expert in her field.

Tina's journey reflects her commitment to continuous learning and adaptation. From overcoming academic challenges to becoming a respected digital marketer, she consistently demonstrates resilience and dedication to growth. As a digital nomad, Tina's experiences have enriched her life and perspective. She actively supports causes like animal rescue and community development, contributing her skills and resources to make a positive impact. Tina's story is one of transformation and inspiration. Her ability to turn challenges into opportunities serves as a guide for those aspiring to evolve both personally and professionally. As a speaker and mentor, Tina Evangelista empowers others to embrace change and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Her talk

Join Christina "Tina" Evangelista at the Digital Nomad Conference in Siargao for an inspiring session on "The Power of Evolution: Growing Personally and Professionally." Discover how embracing change and continuous learning can unlock your full potential. Tina will share her journey from academic challenges to becoming a successful digital marketer and business strategist. Learn practical strategies to adapt and thrive in both your personal life and professional endeavors. This talk will provide valuable insights to help you navigate and harness the power of evolution in an ever-changing world.

Speaker Nomads in Paradise - Kiki Fukai

Fitness Model & Content Creator

Kiki Fukai

Wabisabi "侘び寂び" Beauty in imperfection

About Kiki

From Tokyo, Japan. Served as a games producer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games to managing Team Japan for the Beijing 2022 Paralympics. In 2022, she started her career as a holistic life coach, a yoga instructor and a fitness model. She is also a content creator with 80K followers in total. Her passion snowboarding, yoga and skin diving.

LinkedIn: @akikofukai

IG: @vitamin_kiki

YT: @vitamin_kikix

Her talk

Wabisabi "侘び寂び" Beauty in imperfection

Nothing is, no one is perfect. That's why, the life is, we are, beautiful.

Learning from Japanese perspective of accepting and embracing imperfection and simplicity.

  1. Learning from examples from Japan. "Kintsugi" the Japanese traditional way to amend broken pottery by using gold liquid and giving new life to it. "Cherry blossoms" we love cherry blossoms but it only last for 1 or 2 weeks, but we adore it more because the full bloom is very short.
  2. Pain is the best teacher - telling my personal story about almost losing my life from snowboarding accident. I will have the pain but pain is what's keeping me reminding every moment that it is special that I am alive. I can appreciate more of smallest things in life.
  3. Working together on lasting romantic relationship is the best way for self growth. - By compromising and trying to grow for your partner and working on it together is the ultimate way for self growth. Because no one is perfect. You can never find perfect partner. YOU create your perfect relationship TOGETHER with your partner.
Ryo Osera Speaker Nomads in Paradise

Founder at Yugyo INC

Ryo Osera

A Prime Inspiration: My Path to Embracing Digital Nomadism

About Ryo

Before I founded Yugyo, I was part of the media team of the late Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This inspired me to  start Yugyo Inc.

At Yugo we want to bridge the gap between goverment and digital nomads in Japan and in the world. 

In 2023 we started with "Colive Fukuoka" A yearly popup Coliving project. This program is designed to bring together digital nomads and entrepreneurs for an unparalleled collaborative experience in Fukuoka, Japan.

2015-2018 - Appointed as supervisor of Social marketing by the prime minister of Japan

2018-2020 - Established as advisor for city planning at Tsukuba City

2019 - Co-founded and launched HafH, a travel subscription service. Executive advisor to Japan Workcation Association

2020 till today - CEO of Yugyo INC.

2022 till today - Associate Professor at The Frontier Institute of Tourism Sciences at Kanazawa University 

2023 till today - Executive Officer of the Japan Digital Nomad Association

His talk

I began my journey as a digital nomad after serving as a social media director and working with the Prime Minister of Japan. I look forward to sharing my unique background and how I believe this work style will transform the future of Asia.

While many digital nomads choose this lifestyle for personal benefits, my story highlights a broader vision:

How this work style can transform the future of Asia on a macro level.

I aim to inspire others to consider the significant, wide-reaching impacts of remote work and digital mobility in shaping our region's future.

More Speakers are going to be announced soon. Topics are focused around AI, Investment, Personal Growth, Business developing, Passive Income, Nomad life, remote jobs and much more!

Follow us on Instagram. We post every confirmed speaker on our Instagram Page.

Wanna be a speaker? Apply now!

What to expect?

Nomads in Paradise is designed to maximize learning, connection and adventure. The program supports you in making meaningful new connections with other people, learning new skills, growing professionally or personally, and of course, you will have a lot of fun!

NIP Core - Part I


Learn, share, practice and connect with people from all over the world and build your network with a community of Nomads, entrepreneurs, business owners and remote workers. The conference will take place in the morning, so you have enough time in the afternoon to get some work done, go surfing, explore the beautiful island or just chill together with other nomads at the beach with some cocktails!

Speakers and topics will be announced in the months leading up to the event.

Every Morning from Monday - Friday

NIP Core - Part II


The event is designed to maximize interaction and involvement of the attendees. We want you to make new friends and have a great time!

Your ticket includes access to numerous activities such as yoga, 30-second pitches, speed-dating and other networking games.

In the evenings, attendees can network, savor delicious cuisine, and enjoy live music.

There will be ample free time to explore Siargao with new friends or catch up on work.

Afternoons, Evenings & Weekend

NIP Core - Part III


While getting to Siargao for some of you might be an adventure already (RoRo-Ferry or Turbo-Prop Airplane - more in the FAQs) we want to make sure that you have the time of your life.

Included in your ticket is a special Siargao Adventure Guide, that will help you to explore the island with your new friends or on your own. 

But if you would like to get the most out of your stay in Siargao, we recommend you to join or NIP Island Hoping, the NIP Siargao Island Land Tour and NIP Surfing Lessons.

Anytime (Surfing), Saturday & Sunday (Tours)

The Schedule

The preliminary schedule is subject to change.

Siargao is Paradise

Why Siargao?

Nomads in Paradise will take place over 8 days in Siargao, Philippines - The surfer capital of the Philippines. All activities will take place or depart in General Luna or Catagna. You can stay anywhere on the island but we recommend you to stay in General Luna, Cloud 9 or Catagna. We highly recommend you to arrive a few days before the conference. 

NIP Island Adventures:

Surfing - Lesson

Siargao is the top surfing spot in the Philippines. International and domestic surfing competitions are held here several times per year. The water is blue, CLEAN and you will find spots for beginners up to advanced surfers. 

You can find an overview to the best spots here:

As part of the Nomads in Paradise, we will also organize Group Surf Lessons for our participants. We will get you the best instructors and you can learn how to surf together with your fellow nomads.

The time and date(s) of the Surfing Lessons will be announced around a week ahead of the event, as it depends on the weather (swell, tides, waves).

If you book the Adventure-Ticket you already have a 60 min surfing lesson included. This also includes the surfboard. No extra cost.

Island Hopping (Full-Day Trip)

Siargao Island is famous for is pristine beaches and amazing outlying islands, lagoons, and groves. 

On the last day we will take you out to 3 paradise islands even a 4th "secret" island. Swim in the Gatorade Blue waters, sunbath at a sandbar in the middle of the ocean and have a drink on a small island with just a few coconut trees. 

Island Hopping Includes:

  • Boat
  • All Entrance, Docking & Environmental Fees
  • Freshly cooked lunch (Boodle Fight)
  • Music, Good Vibes only!

This tour is included in the Adventure-Ticket.

Magic Sunsets

Siargao has several Sunset Spots with amazing sunsets. We will set up evening meetups every night, where you can watch the sunset together with your new and old friends. 

One night we will also go to Malinao Secret beach for Sunset. It's a river delta and after the sun sets you can see fireflies in the mangroves. And if we are lucky and there is not too much light from the moon, even the water will light up for you! Plankton in the water will cause “Bioluminescence”. Every move in the water will make the water glow!


Siargao Island has two dedicated Coworking Spaces but also many Coffee Shops, restaurants, and bars with Starlink and Fiber internet. Your ticket includes a frequently updated Nomad Guide to Siargao Island where we will list all the places that are great to work from.

Depending on the number of participants we will also partner with a few places and organize Coworking together with the other delegates and speakers of Nomads in Paradise.

Coworking day Siargao - Alter Space

Food, Drinks & Party


Siargao has a wide range of national and international restaurants. Probably more than anywhere else in the Philippines. You can easily find vegetarian food options in most restaurants, and there are several fully vegetarians and one fully vegan restaurant (with the best vegan food I had anywhere in the world!)

You will find all kinds of western food, from Spanish, Italian, French to the typical American Burger. 

But there are also restaurants featuring Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisine.

We will provide you with a list of the best ones!

During the event, we will organize networking dinners in different restaurants every night.

Party & Drinks:

We are in the Philippines, and the Philippines is undoubtably a Party-Nation. There are parties going on every single night in General Luna - Monday to Sunday, nonstop!

We will meet in a bar for drinks around 8pm every night and from there we will move on to the party with everyone who is up for party on the beach. 


Join us now in Paradise!

Share, connect, learn AND have fun!

Join us Nov 10-17, 2024 in Siargao, Philippines!

9999PHP (~180USD)

14.999 PHP


How is the Internet?

Internet in Siargao was a problem for a long time but since 2023 (at least in General Luna, where NiP will take place) the internet caught up to the world standard!

Fiber Internet

In General Luna Fiber Optic Internet with speeds of up to 300Mbps is available for business and private users. 


Starlink is available in Siargao (and the entire Philippines) and delivers stable internet with around 50-150 Mbps islandwide.

Included in the Ticket

If you join us for Nomads in Paradise, we will provide you with an updated list of Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee Shops that have Fiber and/or Starlink Internet installed. We will also let you know if they have a generator to cover for power cuts.


How to get to Siargao?

Recommended way: By Plane

Siargao Airport (IAO - Del Carmen) hast multiple flights per day to and from Cebu and Manila (PAL + Cebu Pacific) as well as a single daily early morning flight to and from Davao (Cebu Pacific). Flights from Cebu tend to be much cheaper than flights from Manila. 

If you book a few weeks ahead of time, you can usually see fares as low as 1.300 PHP (~26$) from Cebu and 2.500 PHP (~50$) from Manila. Small Turboprop planes operate the flights.

The other way: By Ferry

If you are really on a budget and don´t like planning ahead, you can also take a ferry from Surigao City to Dapa (Siargao) (250-500 PHP ~5-10$). There are 4 ferries per day at 4am, 6am, 1am and 3:30pm. Surigao also has a domestic airport with several daily flights to and from Cebu and Manila.

If you are in Cebu City, you can also take an overnight ferry that will arrive 3am in Surigao City. The ferry from Cebu costs from 1200 PHP. (~24$)But if you book just a few days ahead of departure it's usually around 2.000 PHP (~40$) So the ferry trip from Cebu is probably pricier than a (carry on only) flight.

Important: Adding checked luggage in the PH is cheap. Depending on the time of booking and the weight, you can add check luggage for less than 10$ (10kg) Ferries also have luggage limits, but they are all around 30kg so unless you are travelling with some sports equipment, you will be fine!


Whats the exact venue?

The venue will be announced in the weeks leading to the event. It will be in the General Luna / Cloud 9 area.

How long should I stay?

We recommend you to stay for at least a few days after the event. There is plenty to do and see in Siargao. You can explore the island with old and new-found friends!

How do I get to Siargao Island?

You can get to Siargao Island by taking a flight from Manila, Cebu, or Davao to the Siargao Airport (IAO). From there, you can take a tricycle or van to your accommodation.

You can also take a ferry from Cebu City with a connection in Suirgao City. - You will arrive in Dapa. From there you can take a tricycle to your accommodation.

What is the climate like in Siargao?

The climate on Siargao Island is tropical, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 32°C. The rainy season is from December to February, while the dry season is from March to November.

Is there food or accommodation included in the ticket?

There is no food and accommodation included in the ticket. Only exception for food is NiP-Excursions. They include lunch.

For recommendations about accommodation, please check the guide you received with your ticket.

What is the spoken language in Siargao?

The language spoken on Siargao Island is primarily Cebuano or Bisaya, but most locals also speak very good English.

What´s the Wifi-Speed in Siargao?

At a Coworking space the wifi is 50 to 100 mbps (Starlink) or 100-300 mbps (Fiber).

On the island, if you work at a cafe, restaurant it ranges from 10 to 30 mbps, depending on how many people you share your internet with.

What is your Refund-Policy?

NO REFUND. Upon final purchase of your tickets, and the organizer does not offer any money-back guarantees. You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund. However, your ticket is transferable. If you can’t make it and found someone to join instead:

  1. Send us an email authorization letter [email protected] requesting to transfer your ticket to the person who you’d like to use it with his complete information like valid Identification Card.
  2. You can exchange it for a 60% discount voucher for next year's event.

Should the event has canceled due to fortuitous event- an event of natural or human origin that could not have been reasonably foreseen or expected and is out of the control of the persons concerned: force majeure; You can use it for the next event. This must be acknowledge upon cancelation PRIOR to the event. If you don't cancel, your ticket expires. 

When should I arrive?

We recommend you to arrive at least one week before the event starts. Most people will arrive 3-7 days ahead of registration and opening day.

Can you pick me up from the airport?

No. But your accommodation will be happy to arrange private transport for you (60-80 USD) - if that's not in your budget or you want to go the local style, simply arrive and hop on one of the shared vans going to General Luna. They wait at the airport and cost 300PHP (~7USD) and will bring you to your accomodation. They leave when they are full. IF you stay in General Luna it usually only takes 5-10 minutes for them to fill up.

Is there a ATM in Siargao?

Yes, there are ATMs all over the island. BDO and BPI have ATMs in Dapa and General Luna. There are also many independent ATMs which charge 30 Peso for local cards and 5 USD to 5% of the withdrawal amount - depending on your international card. BDO and BPI charge 250 PHP for international cards. (10.000 PHP max per withdrawal)

If you have the time (and the stop-over) we recommend you to go to HSBC in Cebu or Manila and get some cash there - no fee and 40k max per withdrawal for foreign cards - if you decline the conversion! This is the only bank in the PH without fee for international cards, and they have ATMs in Cebu and Manila only.

Can I rent a scooter / motorbike / car?

Yes, you can rent a motorbike or scooter on Siargao Island for around PHP 350 to PHP 450 per day. If you rent more than 1 week, you can also get lower daily prices. 

Rental cars start at 3000 PHP per day. If you want to get them at the airport, it's possible, but usually not worth it. As you pay at least 600 PHP delivery fee and a higher daily price as most rental companies refuse to deliver / pick up the scooter at the airport. The shared van from the airport to your accommodation in General Luna costs only 300 PHP per person.

You usually need a valid driver's license and a second governmental ID (of any country) as deposit.

Can I pay with (international) cards in Siargao?

Yes and no - Most hotels (and their restaurants) accept international cards. Restaurants not linked to a hotel and small local stores and shops will not accept cards - local or foreign. They only accept Cash and GCash (If you have a local Filipino number, you can get GCash even as a foreigner - It's the Filipino version of Venmo.)

ATMs accept international cards for cash withdrawal (for a fee).

Are there Coworking Spaces / Coffeshops to work from?

Yes, there is AlterSpace in Cloud 9. Several new Coworking Spaces are under construction at the moment. There are also plenty of coffee shops and restaurants with Fiber and/or Starlink! Check the Guide that comes with your ticket for an updated list!

Which Mobile Data Operator do you recommend?

Ditto, Smart, Globe are available in Siargao. We recommend Smart. If you have a dual sim card phone it’s always better to have a globe and smart sim because there are spots with poor and strong signal for all operators but in General Luna Smart is the best.

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